Old Coins


I thought I would do a little blog about the lovely old coins I am having so much fun with.

I can’t remember how I started using the coins but we have bought in so many in an endeavour to get a wide a selection of years as possible. In particular I like the old English coins pre 1900 with Queen Victoria as the crown head.

I mainly work with Australian and English coins but have some from other countries as well.

I have made key rings, pendants and necklaces for some lovely customers with their birth year dates, and for some of their grand children, where so far I have managed to match up coins that are 100years older than the person they are bought for. Also in some cases for parents born early last century (WOW fancy being about to say that “last century!!!”) Gee I was born “last century!!!”

Australia didn’t get her own currency until 1910/1911 and stopped making pennies etc in 1964 in readiness for we went to decimal currency in 1966.

I mainly work with pennies and half pennies. My first coins were wrapped with recycled copper wire as the base metals matched and I still do wrap some this way, but I also wrap with coloured aluminium wire and silver coated wire.

I used to only clean and polish the coins but now I am sealing them with resin to prevent tarnish and to protect them, I have been assured the resin will not harm the coin in any way. By creating a dome with the resin I am also giving the coin a nice highlight that wouldn’t be possible with only polishing.

I have recently started including the coins in my filigree necklaces, combining them with glass pearls and assorted other findings.


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