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Welcome to DragonzWench


Firstly about this blog and why I am doing it.

I started this blog as part of a challenge by the B’sue creative group to build a blog and design a new range that will hopefully define where I am going for the foreseeable future.

I am embracing this challenge and this blog, as I know in my heart it is where I need to go.

This blog is a huge learning curve for me and I know I will make mistakes, but we all learn through our mistakes, and I want to learn.

I want this blog to show the journey of my learning and developing of my jewellery designing and making skills.

I welcome all comments, questions and your thoughts on how I am progressing.

The only way to learn is to try, and yes to possibly fail but to learn from any failure to make a better more interesting and of course desirable product.

I have started from scratch a couple of very successful soft furnishing workrooms but have now stopped sewing and am following my creative side and making jewellery.

So the challenge to build a jewellery range does not daunt me BUT this blog does.

I made my first piece of jewellery in 2012 selling at assorted markets.

I opened an Etsy shop in June 2014 and am happy to say it is starting to do well.

I love thinking about the different places around the world that my jewellery has been posted to and the wonderful people that have trusted me enough to buy from me. I thank them one and all.

I have been fortunate to have some lovely customers, and some I have got to know apart from selling them something. I like the people I sell to, to know they are supporting an artist (if I made be permitted to call myself such) and that it is myself making their purchases.

I believe that people are getting tired of mass produced, of walking down the street and seeing others wearing the same as they are. I am an individual as we all are and I like my attire to be as individual as I am.

I have made a few pieces to order for customers taking a design of mine but finishing it “their” way, changing maybe a colour combination or something that makes it “their” creation made by me. I like this. My design idea, their input, to create their personalized piece of jewellery just for them.


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